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Body Treatments
Massage Treatment 
Thai Massage 
Thai massage incorporates elements of mindfulness, gentle rocking, deep stretching, working on pressure points and energy lines, and rhythmic compression to create a singular healing experience. 
Relaxing Massage ( Oil Massage )
This massage consists of soft & beautiful movements from head to toe. It soothes the mind, relaxes stiff or sore muscles and soothes pain and fatigue accumulated in the body. 
Medical Massage
Some people may prefer a medical massage for particular problems such as neck pain, headaches, and backaches. 
Hot Stones Massage 
Hot stone massage, also known as the hot stone therapy, is a wonderful treat for the body that relieves stress, anxiety, and other life annoyances. It allows the mind to relax at the deepest level.
Reflexology relieves stress and tension, restores vitality, stimulates or calms all systems of the body, eliminates toxins from our life’s style, creates body/mind heat connection and makes you feel like you had a full massage.
Couples Massage
You can share your session of treatment with a partner or a friend enjoying Thai massage and Reflexology at the same time.
Shiatsu technique refers to the use of fingers and palm of one’s hand to apply pressure to particular sections on the surface of the body for the purpose of correcting the imbalances of the body, and for maintaining and promoting health.
Thai Stone Massage
A combination of Thai Massage and Hot Stone Massage therapy in one session
Aromatic Stone Massage
A combination of Aromatherapy and Hot Stone Massage therapy in one session
Aromatic Thai Stone Massage
A combination of Thai Massage, Hot Stone Massage and Aromatherapy in one session
Body Wraps  
Chocolate Wrap
The massage with chocolate stimulates the happiness hormone, providing an increase in well-being and contentment.
Grape Wrap
It makes the skin feel velvety soft, moisturized and supple. During application, its scent inebriates the mind and lifts the mood.
Spice Wrap
The essential oils of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and myrrh have warming and firming properties that ease tense muscles and help restore vital energy by intensely stimulating the brain and rebalancing body and spirit.
Apple Wrap
It is used to nourish, hydrate, and soften the skin leaving it smooth and scented. 
Purification of Body & Mind
Lymphatic Drainage Massage
This kind of therapy is ideal in eliminating locked water in the body especially after surgeries and edema.
Moroccan Scrub
Rich in E, mineral salts and essential oils, thanks to the virtues of olive oil, it nourishes the skin and leaves it feeling extraordinary soft and silky smooth.
Dead Sea Mud Mask
It controls wrinkles caused by age and stress. It reduces muscular pain and encourages skin biosynthesis.